Why Split System Air Conditioning?

If you're looking for a more energy-efficient kind of cooling or heating, an inverter split air conditioning system could be the perfect option for you. Split system air conditioners have two main parts, a compressor outside and an inside air outlet. 

In comparison to other kinds of units, the split type only needs a set of pipes connecting the outdoor to the inside air unit. Split types are also called ductless air conditioners because they work without the complex installation of ductwork. For these kinds of units, a small wall hole being drilled is enough to install the piping required, making them less vulnerable to air leaks and simple to install. 

Energy-saving wise, with the right inverter split air conditioning system, you are most likely to have low monthly power bills. Once you have decided to purchase a split system air conditioner, be sure to have an accurate size for the space and location in which to put it. If in doubt, you might need to call an expert's help to find the right air conditioning unit. It is important to purchase the right sized unit to prevent yourself from wasting money on a system that won't operate efficiently and is potentially using more power than it otherwise would need to.  

Advantages of a Split System Air Conditioning Unit

Some houses are already built with available ductwork and it's a waste not to utilise it. But if your home doesn't have any ductwork yet, then the split type is probably your best Air Conditioner choice. All you need to install a split type air conditioner is a small wall hole, therefore saving you the cost of duct installation. 

Another advantage of using a split type system is that they can allow you to expand the cooling/heating possibilities by adding more heads in other rooms. This setup is called a multi-split air conditioning system, which allows every room to have its own thermostat so they can control the temperature independently. 

Protect Your Investment

Buying an air conditioning unit is a big investment and it would be such a waste if not properly installed, repaired, and maintained. The best way to protect these kinds of investments? Hire a licensed and experienced technician to handle your air conditioning needs. But if you prefer to hire an unlicensed contractor or choose to do it yourself, you should know that in most cases, the unit's warranty will be deemed invalid and void. Instead of getting a small problem fixed right away, you could see your unit develop bigger issues down the track. 

That's why at Quality Air Conditioning, we employ only licensed and skilled tradesmen to ensure that your investment is in good hands. We can also provide you with helpful tips and advice to keep your unit efficient. We would also recommend scheduled maintenance to make sure that your air conditioning system remains in its optimal state even after long term usage. 

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